Everything is a teapot

EVERYTHING IS A TEAPOT Echo Park sculpture legend Peter Shire on sex, socks and ceramics. FAMOUSLY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MEMPHIS GROUP, the influential design collective founded in Milan, and currently working out of his Echo Park Pottery studio in Los … Continue reading

Teapots, Public Art, and a Life in Design

Los Angeles November 18, 2014 Peter Shire: Teapots, Public Art, and a Life in Design Mimi Zeiger On the day I arrive at Peter Shire’s Echo Park studio, a pile of fall fruit perches on a countertop. Bright orange persimmons … Continue reading

Publuc Work: Lines of Desire

PUBLIC WORK is the first exhibition to focus exclusively on L.A. based artist Peter Shire’s public and private architectural commissions. Executed over the course of three decades, the architectural works demonstrate Shire’s understanding of the formal principles of twentieth-century art … Continue reading

The mayor of Los Angeles – Apartamento

Over coffee and the hand-built omelettes of Donna Shire, Peter Shire, Ryan Conder, and I talk shop, LA history, and we daydream of a Malibu with a more romantic crowd in the water. Breakfast is in the courtyard at Peter’s … Continue reading

Arts of Palm

Artist Peter Shire displays his piece “Blood & Sand” for the ‘Arts Of Palm’ Project. Named after the 1922 film “Blood & Sand”, Shire’s art explores the concepts of progress, constructivism, and temporal fragility. Visit beverlyhills.org and search ‘Arts of … Continue reading