The mayor of Los Angeles – Apartamento

Over coffee and the hand-built omelettes of Donna Shire, Peter Shire, Ryan Conder, and I talk shop, LA history, and we daydream of a Malibu with a more romantic crowd in the water. Breakfast is in the courtyard at Peter’s … Continue reading

Arts of Palm

Artist Peter Shire displays his piece “Blood & Sand” for the ‘Arts Of Palm’ Project. Named after the 1922 film “Blood & Sand”, Shire’s art explores the concepts of progress, constructivism, and temporal fragility. Visit and search ‘Arts of … Continue reading


In the 1960s, when many other artists went to Venice to rent studios after graduating from Chouinard, Peter Shire stayed in Echo Park, the winding, intricate neighborhood in northeast Los Angeles where he grew up. Along Echo Park Avenue, which … Continue reading

Kelly Wearstler Favorite Things

“Peter Shire’ s genius is in the joyful combinations of form and function into a single whole. He elevates everyday items into works of art” Kelly Wearstler Favorite Things

Icon in the Remaking

The L.A. artist, a perennial face of Postmodernism, is being discovered by a new generation of fans. Read the article in